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LXD Factory style guide

Contributors should follow this style guide for all lessons and multimedia.

Color palette

Use the color palette below for all lessons and multimedia created for LXD Factory

Primary colors


hex code: 2596be

CMYK: (81, 21, 0, 25)

Light blue

hex code: d8eff7

CMYK: (13, 3, 0, 3)


hex code: f5bd60

CMYK: (0, 23, 61, 4)


hex code: ffffff

CMYK: (0, 0, 0, 0)


hex code: 2c3a54

CMYK: 48, 31, 0, 67)

Secondary colors


hex code: 85af5b

CMYK: (16, 0, 33, 31)


hex code: ca5049

CMYK: (0, 48, 51, 21)


hex code: e78a3d

CMYK: (0, 40, 74, 9)


Use Montserrat for all text


Images should:

  • be sourced from Adobe Stock or Canva 

  • Include 2D illustrations only (no photos or 3D graphics)

  • reflect the styles found here on Adobe Stock (feel free to use illustrations by other artists)

Note: In storyboards and scripts, include the Adobe Stock ID# and link for images so Crystal can download them for you.

Lesson times

LXD Factory offers microlearning experiences to help users find quick answers to specific questions during their time of need. As a result, lesson times should be limited to 2 - 7 minutes.

Writing style

The tone of voice in LXD Factory writing is light and conversational.

Word choice

To ensure consistency across all lessons, please use the word choices below:


LXD Factory or

Use LXD Factory (with a space between LXD and Factory) or

learning experience designer or learning designer

These are the preferred role titles for all lessons. You may refer to other titles if they are necessary to support the content (e.g. instructional designer, performance consultant, learning and development specialist).

select or scroll

When writing instructions for multimedia interactions, remember that users may be on a computer or mobile device - so we need to use device-agnostic verbs. For instance, avoid the terms like  “click” or “tap,” which are relevant to specific devices only.

Multimedia interactions

To improve SEO, keywords for all lessons should be included in text format. However, key concepts can also be emphasized and delivered via multimedia interactions, such as carousels, videos, infographics, and more.

LXD Factory lessons should include multimedia content that is created using Canva, because it can easily be integrated into Wix blog posts via HTML. Contact Crystal Hunter at to get access to Canva (to be used for LXD Factory development purposes only).

If you have access to and want to use another multimedia authoring tool, please contact Crystal Hunter for pre-approval.

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